Your organization could be extracted from the news, from the internet, a case study or your personal experience.

Identify an organization whose managers have been involved in unethical actions towards one of more stakeholder groups or who have pursued their own self-interest at the expense of other stakeholders.

Once you have identified the organization, answer the following questions in detail:

1-Write a detail of the ‘unethical’ incident that occurred?

2-Who was harmed? Don’t just answer who but also give a detail of how they were harmed?

3- What was the outcome of the incident? What actions did the organization take to rectify the incident?

@ Full Details

@ minumum 4 pages

1)Unethical performance in the office canister is distinct as some exploit that does not kowtow tothe values of behavior recognized by the group. Unethical performance container happen in the…

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