You cannot complete the project activities without use of the tracto

Bellissimo Consulting and Contracting

You are a joint partner in Bellissimo Consulting and Contracting LLC. You have prepared the following project network to support a large commercial landscaping project for which your firm has been contracted to complete. The duration of each activity is stated in weeks. As noted in the network, you expect to complete the project in nine (9) weeks based on the availability of three tractors already parked at your project site. Each of the tractors is outfitted with a piece of specialty equipment that cannot be procured or rented within any reasonable time frame. In other words, assume the following:

 You cannot get more tractors for your project.
 You cannot substitute any other equipment for the tractors.
The number of tractors required for each activity is defined in the center cell of each activity node (note the RES cell in the Legend diagram).
The contract with your customer includes a significant penalty clause for failure to complete the project within 11 weeks. Beginning in the twelfth week, you will be penalized $1000 per week for each week of schedule overrun.
MGMT 450 Project Management

Your business partner has just called you and informed you that one of her tractors with the exact same specialty equipment has just been involved in a serious accident and is permanently out of commission. She is facing a similar penalty clause for late delivery of her project and wants to use one of your tractors for the next three to four months. As noted above, there is no other place these tractors can be obtained.

Using the parallel method and the following loading chart templates, develop a resource schedule that will identify whether you can release one of your tractors to your partner’s project and still successfully complete your project without triggering its penalty clause.

Ensure you adhere to the following guidelines:

 Use the parallel method and heuristics outlined in your lecture slides to schedule the activities.
 Assume that the Limiting Assumptions and Risk Assumptions outlined in your lecture slides apply.
 Assume the project network is constructed in a manner that represents the technical constraints of the project.
Constrained Resource Schedule

Using the parallel method and guidelines from the instructions above, work through the constrained resource scheduling to determine if you can successfully release one specialty tractor to your business partner without jeopardizing your own penalty clause?

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