xplain why it is beneficial for managers to set performance expectations with employees, including benefits for both managers and employees.

You are the human resource manager of a midsize accounting firm. Mary Smith, a new accounting director within the firm, is concerned about how to coach an underperforming manager named John Miller, whom she oversees. A recent performance appraisal of John revealed that there were several areas that needed improvement. Mary is unsure of her next steps with John, and plan a three-month performance management plan for him.

A. Discuss the importance of setting performance expectations by doing the following:

1. E
2. Describe the process that managers should follow when setting performance expectations with employees.

B. Develop a performance management plan for John by doing the following:

1. Describe two areas in which John can improve by comparing the criteria in the attached “Accounts Payable Manager Job Description” to the information in the attached “Performance Appraisal.”

2. Describe the steps John needs to take to improve in each area identified in part B1.

3. Describe how John’s progress will be evaluated for each step identified in part B2.

4. Describe specific outcomes that will demonstrate John’s success in each area of improvement identified in part B1.

5. Describe a consequence John would face for noncompliance in each of the steps identified for improvement in part B2.

6. Describe the final meeting that would take place between you, John, and Mary at the conclusion of the three-month performance management plan. Include the following discussion topics:

• how to acknowledge progress made during the performance management plan

• how to conclude the performance management plan, including next steps

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