Work goals are more demanding than ever, but even though the rewards of the hard work may not come soon, Daniela trusts her manager’s emphasis on the future good that will come from their work.

1.Over lunch, Daniela and Hassan are discussing their managers. Daniela describes her boss as extremely motivating. Work goals are more demanding than ever, but even though the rewards of the hard work may not come soon, Daniela trusts her manager’s emphasis on the future good that will come from their work. She feels that working with this new manager has led to a much stronger emotional bond with the organization, much more engagement with the work, and an overall increase in her job satisfaction. Daniela’s boss can be described as a(n) ______ leader.






2.Wherever he goes, Sammy develops contacts, only he calls it simply making friends. He asks the person about themselves, they chat a bit, and a few minutes later Sammy walks away having made a new friend—not to mention a business contact whose information he now has logged in on the address book of his cell phone. This illustrates ____________, the dimension of political skill.

social astuteness

apparent sincerity

networking ability

organizational politics

interpersonal influence

3.Which of the following exemplifies the observable artifact category of physical structures?

the elaborate, marble-floored conference room where Bull and Bear Wealth Management Partners conducts meetings with its top clients

the annual holiday party thrown by Party Planner Professionals that also serves as a hands-on demonstration of the coming year’s product line

the label on every can of Primal Urge Dog Food that is emblazoned with the words: “We love dogs, and we put that love into all of our products”

the group meeting held every Monday morning at Coastal Coffee Roasters where the CEO has every employee sample a cup of that week’s featured roast

the HR supervisor for Double-Dipped Donuts who tells all new employees how the founder came up with the name of the company after accidentally glazing the same donuts twice

4.As executive vice president in charge of sales and marketing, Josephine heads a large international team. Her position gives her a great deal of ______ power.






5.A large pharmaceutical company recently adopted a structure in order to give its top managers more responsibility and flexibility. The company is now structured around five customer groupings: major healthcare provider networks, individual consumers, small and mid-sized pharmacies, military bases and government employee facilities, and public clinics. Which of the following organizational structures has this company created?






6.County Medical Center has a good track record of treating patients well and discharging them in a timely manner. Then, in the span of one week, twelve patients suffer post-surgical bacterial infections that are resistant to drug treatment. Shortly afterward, the surgical and patient recovery teams gather to discuss the problem. One cardiac surgeon, Yvette, mentions that she read in a medical journal about a simple but effective method of reducing such infections. It involves encouraging and enforcing hand washing before all new patient contact. The key is to post reminders in every patient room and nurse station. There is also a smart phone app that will beep once every five minutes as a backup reminder. The hospital staff agrees to implement the protocol, and six months later the rate of infection has dropped by more than 50 percent. The hospital is striving to make a ______ culture.





customer service


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