While the store is profitable, he is worried about the decline of the retail industry and competition from Amazon.

Augie Rini is the owner of Outdoor Adventures Inc., a shop in Ithaca, a college town in upstate New York. This is a small, retail establishment in the heart of the Finger Lakes region that specializes in supplies for hikers, campers, and backpackers. It sees an increase in sales in the warmer months, but maintains a steady clientele year round.

Mr. Rini just took over the shop after his father’s retirement in January. After brainstorming with his two supervisors, Alice and Lee, Mr. Rini has decided to focus on developing the shop’s online presence and its local community presence.

o Alice will take on social media marketing and expand Outdoor Adventure’s online store.

o Lee will set up a schedule of free classes on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, which will focus on topics of interest to customers such as how to pack light for long-term hikes; navigating with a compass and topography map, bird watching tips; etc.

Mr. Rini plans to purchase new IT equipment and to build out a training/meeting room in April to further these new goals for the operation. Because he wants to ensure he has adequate cash flow for April – June, he has asked you to prepare a plan based on the accompanying financial data and to answer the questions below:

1. The base scenario assumes a minimum beginning cash balance in April – June of $8000. Will he be able to function?

2. Should he increase that to $9,500 to be more conservative? What are the effects on cash flow?

3. What if he increased his minimum inventory levels to 40% of COGS from 30%?

4. How should he measure his team’s success?

Finally, you have observed that his father had been with the same local bank for 16 years. Outdoor Adventure has a line of credit interest rate of 12% currently. You know that Mr. Rini could reduce that by half if he changed from the local bank in Ithaca to an online bank. Is this something worth suggesting?

Balance Sheet as of March 31 2018


Cash $ 7,500

Accounts Receivable $ 48,000

Inventory $ 22,000

Plant and Equipment (Net of Depreciation) $ 200,000

Total Assets $ 277,500


Interest Payable $ –

Note Payable $ –

Accounts Payable $ 18,300

Total Liabilities $ 18,300


Capital Stock $ 180,000

Retained Earnings $ 79,200

Total Equity $ 259,200

Total Liabilites + Equity $ 277,500

Estimated Monthly Expenses:

Salaries & Benefits$8,500

POIS System Fee & Equipmment Maintenance$425





Other Expenses as % of Sales10%

Policies/Budget Assumptions:

Expected Cash disbursements for March Inventory$18,300

Minimum Inventory Policy as a % of next month’s COGS30%

Required Minimum Cash Balance$8,000

Percent of Sales that are Credit75%

Credit sales are paid in full the following month

Gross Profit Percentage40%

Annual Loan Interest Rate12%

Interest is paid in cash monthly

Inventory purchases paid in cash at time of purchase50%

Inventory paid for in cash the month after purchase50%

April Cash Expense: New server, computers, and build out of meeting room$21,275

Quarterly dividend to be paid in June$4,000

Assume that Accounts Payable reflects Inventory Purchases

Insurance is paid quarterly – March, June, Sep and Dec

Outdoor Adventures

Budgeted Sales:

March Actual$60,000





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