Where do they have common and conflicting issues in their governance approaches?

Choose 3 of the following players or agents that have the most influence on your assigned company and discuss how they influence the creation and maintenance of the governance of the firm and how this affects the value of the firm. 
Things to consider discussing in your answer:
· Why did you select these three players and how do they exert their influence?  
· Where do they have common and conflicting issues in their governance approaches?  
· What ethical issues stand out the most strongly for your chosen agents?  
· How does “agency theory” enter the relationship?
· How does the financial planner incorporate ethical considerations, relevant to your assigned firm, into developing a risk profile approach for clients with different values and objectives?  
· Financial planners/Investment advisors
· Board of directors
· Senior management and incentive/compensation structures
· Investment banks and security analysts
· Accounting and auditing firms
· Creditors and credit rating firms
· Activist shareholders
· Merger and acquisition firms
· SEC and other regulatory requirements
· Corporate social responsibility concerns
· Connect the data/information with economic and finance theory
· Provide actionable information for decision-making
· You are assessed based on your unique discussion not just a compilation of external sources and analysis
· Limit your answer to 2500 words Cite your sources using APA style

The tables and charts do       not count as part of the overall word count

· Use headings to clearly show you are answering each part of the overall question 
· Single-space within paragraphs and double-space between paragraphs
Section headings to get you started
o Section 1: Overview of company data and information that pertains to governance  
o Section 2: Analysis and synthesis of data and information.  Make sure to delineate the three players.  
o Section 3: Conclusion with recommendations for managers including how and why to use this information/analysis for decisions

I will provide you the company name.

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