what the techniques are being used by the brand to engage consumers? And do the brand fans seem passionate and engaged?

Version 2: write in four hundred words about any brand profile in Facebook and identify all the brand assets on the page. and why, or why not ? and How could the brand improve its profile ? Write in four hundred words please.

Deadline in 6 hours

10:25 7".1 4Ga mylms.ajman.ac.aewwwwwwASSIGNMENT # 3CHAPTER 5Assignment # 3 CLO # 4 Identifythe best social media platforms for theirbusinessesAnalyze a brand profile on Facebook.Identify all the brand assets on thepage. What techniques are being usedby the brand to engage consumers?Do the brand fans seem passionateand engaged? Why, or why not? Howcould the brand improve its profile?Assignment type : IndividualReport submission deadline :April 24th 2019Presentation submissiondeadline :Class presentation :Max marks : 05 ( Report: 05marks , Presentation : None )ASSIGNMENT # 4PROIECT

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