What “industry” isFacebookcompeting in, and how is this industry changing? Who are Facebook’smost important competitors? Why?

  1. What “industry” isFacebookcompeting in, and how is this industry changing? Who are Facebook’smost important competitors? Why?
  2. What areFacebook’sresources and capabilities? What isFacebook’score competency? Can its resources and capabilities form the basis of a competitive advantage? Why or why not?
  3. Given the increasingly important role that mobile will play in theFacebookmachine, what should SherylSandbergprioritize as she seeks to organize to maintain and growFacebook’s competitive advantage in the mobile space? How does this helpFacebookin competing with Google?

FACEBOOK AND ITSCOMPETITION Answer to Question One:Facebook is competing in the “Social Networking” industry. The social networking ormedia industry is altering since it has bec

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