What are three methods of disease transmission mentioned in the epidemiology animation on the Home page? Provide some examples.


Case Assignment

In this Case Assignment, you will focus on the materials that you viewed on the Home page.  After reading the text and viewing each of the links provided there, address the following questions:

1.     What are three methods of disease transmission mentioned in the epidemiology animation on the Home page?  Provide some examples.

2.     What are the most common vectors mentioned in the tutorial on transmission of disease?

3.     Which pathogens were mentioned in the Virulence Factors animations (host tissues and defenses)?  List all of the pathogens mentioned and then choose two to discuss.  In your discussion include:

  • How do they hide from host defenses?
  • How do they invade or penetrate the host?
  • Research how they reproduce, and ID them using at least three phenotypic descriptions (you can refer to the dichotomous key from the previous module for phenotypic descriptions).

1.     Note whether the pathogen you chose was reported as a risk to the workplace in the Infectious Diseases in the Workplace article you read on the Home page.

2.     Note the total cases and related mortality reported by the CDC Stats in the linked report.


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