What are some of the legislative and regulatory issues that should be considered in the context of managing people performance? List six.

Summative assessment 1


Q2. You must be able to outline relevant awards and certified agreements for the industry in which you work. From what sources will such information come? 70-80 words

Q3. You must also be to explain the performance measurement systems utilized within the organization. Explain why performance management systems are necessary. 150-200 words

Q4. Explain unlawful dismissal rules and due process. If managers decide that an employee’s performance is so poor as to necessitate dismissal, what procedures must be instigated to comply with due process requirements. 300-350 words

Q5. It is assumed that business organizations will provide for staff development opportunities. What for might these take and why is it important to provide such opportunities? 150-200 words

Summative assessment 2

The purpose of work is to achieve specific objectives and goals and to support the strategic goals of the organization. The manager’s role is to allocate work, assess performance, provide feedback, manage follow up, reinforce excellent performance and deal with performance improvement requirements.

Write a 3000 word paper explaining how you can do these things in terms of managing people performance.

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