Was there an enforceable contract between the hotel and the man ? Give reasons

If a man entered a hotel with no reservation but wishes to book a room for 3 nights . The attendant then says available rooms cost $150.00 per night and that a deposit of $150.00 must be paid up front and the balance on check out . The man know the attendant and whispers to him, he can only afford $100 per night, can he give him the room at that rate . The attendant does not respond , the man puts the $100 on the counter and the attendant takes it . The man then completes the registration form which ONLY asks for his contact information and length of stay. He is given the room key. After the first night , the man and his 16 year old girlfriend gets into an argument. The man then packs his bag and leaves the hotel without paying the balance of the monies due . The girlfriend decides to stay until the third day since the room has already been booked. while checking out she is asked to pay the sum of $350.00 being balance of the monies due for the rooms at the rate of $150.00 per night she refuses.


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