This module’s Learning Resources have presented you with an overview of guidelines and strategies used by professionals to create effective learning environments.

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Assignment: Interview a Professional

As these resources demonstrate, designing an effective learning environment is a multi-pronged endeavor that requires professionals to take into account both physical aspects of the learning environment—spatial organization, visual stimuli, technology, etc.—as well as less tangible elements, such as atmosphere, communication styles, and expectations. In this assignment, you will build on your knowledge of how to design an effective learning environment by interviewing a professional in the field.

Prior to this week, you were asked to arrange an interview with a professional who designs learning environments for school-age children and adolescents in an area in which you are interested. Examples of potential interview subjects include: a teacher in a K–12 classroom; a home-school teacher; a director or worker in an after-school or childcare program; an athletic coach; a dance instructor; a scout leader; a health care worker who specializes in treating children or adolescents; a child psychologist; an educational computer game designer; a librarian; or an education specialist at a museum.

Before conducting the interview, be sure to prepare a list of questions that you feel will help you gain insights into how effective learning environments are designed in this area. You should gather information about the process of designing the learning environment, including specific methods or strategies that the interviewee uses to design both physical and non-physical aspects of the learning environment. In addition, you should gather information about challenges the interviewee faces in designing the learning environment, and trends he or she has noticed regarding learning environments in his or her settings. Note: Although you will not be required to include information about challenges and future trends in this assignment, you will need this information to complete Discussion 1 in Module 4. Thus, you should make sure to ask questions about challenges and future trends during the interview.

You may download and use the Module 3 Questionnaire Template below as a starting point for developing your list of questions, although you may modify the template as you see fit.

Module 3 Questionnaire Template

After the interview is complete, write a 2- to 3-page summary of your conversation. Your summary should include specific details and examples from your conversation that relate to the process of designing the learning environment in this setting, including what aspects the interviewee pays most attention to, how he or she makes decisions, and methods or strategies he or she uses when designing both physical and non-physical aspects of the environment. Be sure to include any insights you gained about what makes a learning environment effective as a result of this interview. You DO NOT need to include details about challenges your interviewee has encountered or any future trends your interviewee has observed. You will synthesize and share insights gained about these two topics in Module 4, Discussion 1.

Effective learning environment 1 NameInstitution Effective learning environment Effective learning environment 2 Effective learning environmentThe performance of any student mainly depends on the…

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