Subject: Operations Management

– Subject: Operations Management

– Recommended textbook for the subject: Heizer, J., Render, B., & Munson, C. (2017). Operations Management, (12th Ed.), Boston, MA: Prentice Hall, ISBN: 978-0-13-413042-2. Chapters 7 & 8.

– Use of APA style required in all the assignment.

– Answer the following essay questions:

1. What types of process is used for making each of the following products and why is that process chosen? (explain each answer)

a. Beer

b. Wedding invitations

c. Automobiles

d. Paper

e. Big Macs

f. Custom homes

g. Motorcycles

2. List and define the four R’s of sustainability.

3. Find a service organization online and list the techniques used by service organizations to select locations. Give the logo of the company you found and cite the research source you found online.

4. Describe customer interaction in process design.

Multiple-Choice Questions:

1. The break-even point is:

a. The total cost of a process alternative

b. The point in dollars of units at which cost equals revenue

c. Adding or removing capacity to meet demand

d. Adding processes to meet the point of changing product demands

e. Improving processes to increase throughput

2. Effective capacity is:

a. The percent of design capacity actually achieved

b. Actual output

c. Efficiency

d. The percent of design capacity not achieved

e. None of the above

3. If HP manufactures hard drives at $30 per day to a worker in its Belize plant, and the employee completes four drives per eight-hour day, what is the labor cost per unit?

a. $30.00

b. $10.00

c. $9.75

d. $6.50

e. None of the above

4. Net present value (NPV):

a. Is preferred over breakeven analysis

b. Is greater if $500 monthly payments are received in a lump sum at the end of the year

c. Is greater if cash receipts occur earlier rather than later

d. Is revenue minus fixed cost

e. All of the above

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