Review pages 29-37 in Chapter 2, “Analytical Tools and Frameworks.’ Based on your strategy canvas and six paths analysis, complete an “eliminate-reduce-raise-create” grid for your real-world company.

Four Actions Grid Analysis
Make sure that your four actions framework is consistent with your emerging overall value innovation strategy and that you have begun to anticipate the various implementation challenges that will arise from your grid analysis.

Noncustomer Analysis

Review Chapter 5, “Reach Beyond Existing Demand” in the course text Blue Ocean Strategy. Complete a three-tier analysis of noncustomers and write one or two paragraphs that describe the strategic implications of your analysis and how it informs your emerging value innovation strategy.

These two questions are part of second to last assignment. These two questions were not answer. Here is the rubric

I have been given chance to redo the two paths. I will pay you extra if you can do those two questions for me.

Here is the rubric

1) Strategy Canvas Analysis-Canvas is context specific and appropriate;

2( reasoning to support analysis is explicit, clear, and related to reasoning in readings.

3) Four Actions Grid Analysis-Analysis is consistent with value innovation strategy; it explicitly addresses implementation challenges.

4) Noncustomer Analysis-Implications of noncustomer analysis are clear and related to value innovation strategy; implications point to further refinements in strategy.

5) Peer Network Feedback-Feedback to other members is thorough and complete, reflecting all of the elements of the assigned posting. Aspects include form and content, as well as grammar and organization. Business acumen is demonstrated in the feedback to peers

Please I am only concern about 3 and 4. Tell me how much more I will add to you. Thanks


1Six path Analysis COCA-COLA SIX PATH BLUE OCEAN ANALYSIS Name of the student Name of the Institution Date of submission 2Six path AnalysisIntroductionCoca-Cola company uses sophisticated…


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