Refer to to identify and collect needed data/basic information about a registered nurse’s position

We will be using research efforts to complete the assignment.. Utilize to the A-Z Index to access information on registered nurses.

Then, use the following website to your own structure-based analysis: Follow the steps listed below for the website to access the needed information.

Go to the Occupation Search section.
Enter the keyword (registered nurse) or the O*NET-SOC code.
Click the arrow.
Identify/record code for registered nurses.
Click Registered Nurses.
View the report.
Click the Custom tab at the top of the page. (Note: You will customize/select your own job analysis specifics based on the job and person-based specifics.)
Check the appropriate boxes (see below for required information).
Click GO.
Once the data is collected, eight- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation about the job-based and person-based structure needed for the registered nurse’s position.

The following information should be identified in the PowerPoint presentation:

work activities and detailed work activities,
technology skills,
tools used,
wages, and
an explanation of what a job analysis is and its purpose.

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