Post an explanation of at least two insights that you gained about organizational behavior. Explain how the psychology of organizational behavior might contribute to social change.

Organizations are intricate and complex entities comprised of individuals who are just as complex. Understanding organizations requires examining a host of unique perspectives and theories, many of which you have explored throughout this course. These perspectives offer new insights about organizational behavior, and new insights allow for meaningful application. As an I/O psychologist, it is essential that you understand the interdependence of individuals, organizations, and society, as well as the impact of internal and external influences on the changing nature of the workforce. At the center of I/O psychology are the following elements of sustainable development—social, economic, and environmental factors. These elements highlight the unique role that I/O psychologists play in shaping public policy both in the U.S. and internationally to promote and influence social change. For this Discussion, consider organizational behaviors that you think may be changing or that require change and how these changes can benefit employees and team dynamics.


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