Are some possible consequences of some possible solutions more important than others? Why?

The Case Issue Analysis Project

HCM3300 Managerial Applications of Health Services Law

Appropriate use of standard English (including spelling, punctuation, and grammar) and APA format must be used.

The case/issue analysis that I have selected is Bragdon v. Abbott


1. Case/Issue Summary (1-2 pages)
Overview of the history, the background, and the details of the case/Issue

o List of the insufficient details about the case/Issue and the assumptions the student has to make because of the missing information

o Identification of the issue(s) involved

o Stakeholder identification and discussion

o Identify all people/parties involved, including those not specifically mentioned in the case/issue

o List the concerns all stakeholders face or might have

2. Identification and Evaluation of all Main Possible Solutions (2-3 pages)

o List of all main possible solutions. For each resolution under consideration, students should include:

§ List of the significant possible consequences

§ List of the ways the particular solution is likely to positively or negatively affect every stakeholder

§ List of the ethical principles upheld or violated by the solution, including a brief explanation

o Evaluate each main solution and its outcomes, likely impact, and the values upheld and violated by it. Compare the possible solutions to each other and weigh them.

o Are some possible consequences of some possible solutions more important than others? Why?

o Are some possible consequences of some possible solutions more likely to occur than others? Why?

o Does one solution uphold or violate certain values in more or less important ways than another? Why?

o Why is one possible solution better or worse than another?

o If all main solutions are unsatisfactory, has the team searched for other possibilities or variations that have not been considered before?

3. Decision Statement and Defense Against Weaknesses (2-3 pages)

o State which solution is the best and why

o Clarify the details of the chosen resolution and justify it

o Recommend plan of action – exactly how the decision will be carried out

o Defend the decision against objections to its main weaknesses

o State the main weaknesses of the selected decision. Why might someone object the decision?

o What are the best answers to these weaknesses? Explain why the team still considers their decision is the best.


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