Please read the attached case Medisys Corp: The IntensCare Product Development Team and answer the following questions. Maximum: Two pages Double Spaced.

Organizing and Leading “Heavyweight” Development Teams – Read article attached for reference.

There is a lot going on with the Intenscare team at Medisys. For this question, please use the heavyweight teams article and evaluate the team according to the model for effective heavyweight teams. The question has three parts that are of equal importance:.
a) First, identify two key benefits that heavyweight teams can bring to product development, and briefly explain whether the Intenscare care is delivering on those benefits.

b) Second, when Medisys set up the team (i.e., designed it), what was at least one important thing they did right and one important thing they did wrong according to the article, and briefly explain the implications of their choices.

c) Third, think about how the article advises different team members to behave (i.e., do their jobs as members of the team). Identify two important ways in which the team members are NOT doing these things, and briefly explain the implications of these failures.

2) Identify three other important reasons the team is performing as it is and briefly explain their influence on team performance. You have flexibility to answer this question based on your experience and knowledge, or ideas from other courses, or you can draw on the conceptual article further. All these are fine. That said, at least one reason must be at the organizational level (that is, how did the organization context – things like structure, culture, leadership, history – affect the team). The other two reasons can be of any type (i.e., team setup, team member behaviors, more on organizational influence).

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