Please complete following two tasks. Both tasks are seperate. Create seperate answer files and provide answers accordingly.

::::Internation Marketing::::

IMPORTANT NOTE: Can you please write the Task 1 first and send me within a day and deliver Task 2 as per the given deadline with the assignment?

Task 1:

Please paraphrase the text in one of the attached file named “Task 1”.

This task is copied from other resource. I need you to paraphrase it and re-write in such a way that it does not show any plagiarism. Feel free to change the sentence structure, use synonyms etc etc tricks.

The ultimate goal is that it should not detect any similarity and plagiarism. Please attach turnitin report for this task along with the answer. It will not take long as it has only 3 paragraphs to paraphrase.

Task 2:

Please read the case study “Amazon-in-Emerging-Markets” and answer the following questions. Case study attached.

No need for introduction and conclusion. Only answer the given questions.


Did Amazon succeed in China? What did it learn?
Did Amazon make sensible choice in its emerging markets entry strategies? Please analyze and write about all the factors such as location, entry mode, and timing for each countries mentioned in the case study.
Considering the competitive landscape in China, India, and Latin America, how can home-grown firms best defend and win against large multinational entrants?
Should Amazon enter additional emerging market immediately? If so, why and where? If not, why not and where should it focus be? More broadly, how sustainable is amazon’s simultaneous pursuit of geographic, horizontal, and vertical expansion?

1. No plagiarism please. Attached the turnitin report along with the answers for Task 2.

2. Academic level English. Accurate grammar and spellings mandatory.

3. Follow strict APA format.

4. Please mention all the references and in-text citations.

5. Use your own logic, rational, understanding and opinions while writing all the answers. Please make sure answers are meaningful.

6. 2000 words for Task 2. (EXCLUDING cover page, reference page.)

7. Task 2 deadline: June 17th.

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