Pick TWO of the following and describe how radiometric dating has been utilized to determine their age:Earth

Focus of the Final Paper

You are the CEO of a major consumer technology corporation. The company is global and offers remote employment, in addition to numerous physical locations. It distributes the products through different global wholesalers to reach retailers who in turn sell to the ultimate consumer. Your job is to find a new president for the organization. The past president has retired after 25 years of service. You will have to explain to the board of directors what criteria will be used in the search for a new company president.

In your paper:

1. Explain what being a leader is, and what traits are needed to be an effective leader.

2. Describe the type of leadership style and skills needed for the position.

3. Analyze the importance of attending to tasks and relationships.

4. Explain the importance of a leader following and communicating a vision, and setting the tone.

5. Examine the necessity for a leader to have good out-group member skills, as well as the ability to handle conflict and overcome obstacles.

6. Justify the needed ethical leadership traits for this position.


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