ow do you as an individual see the new ACA 2010 affecting your ability as an individual to receive and pay for your health care?

With so many different stakeholders in the health care system, many with powerful political lobbies, it is understandable that the government has been unable to effectively address the problems of cost, access, and quality. Since the recent enforcement of the new Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Obama Care) has been passed by the Democratic Congress and approved as a tax issue by the majority of the Supreme Court Justices, the health care system of the U.S. has been significantly altered by the widespread impact of this managed care initiative. Both providers and patients appear to be dissatisfied with the manner in which managed care has been directed and, while many of the political figures are telling the American public how great managed care will be under this new legislation, employers and the insured are railing against huge premium increases.

H Be sure to include in your Discussion, the problems of cost, access and quality under the new reform.

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