What are the norms, ideas, values, and beliefs within the society? How do these influence how people behave?

It’s time to get creative! Throughout this course you have explored a variety of sociological concepts and ideas regarding the differences between real and ideal societies. The My Ideal Society project assignment allows you to create an ideal society through application of course concepts.

What is your ideal society? This is your chance to create it!


  1. Your final project submission should address two main questions: what is an ideal society, and how would an ideal society look when put into practice?
  2. Utilizing the main concepts, theories, and individual aspects from our class, develop a healthy, ideal society. What would be the main components of a healthy, ideal society?
  3. Feel free to include photos, a collage, or other forms of images of your community. Remember the images do not replace content; they are intended to enhance the project. You are not required to include them.Project Sections (Be sure to address the following questions in each section.)
    Key Components:

    • What are the norms, ideas, values, and beliefs within the society? How do these influence how people behave?
    • How do people socialize? How do the members learn the cultural rules, norms, and beliefs?
    • How does the society maintain social control? What rules and structure are in place to create balance and safety?
    • What types of social groups exist?
    • How does deviance play a role?
    • How does the society rank people according to wealth, income, race, education, and power?
    • What social classes exist?
    • What are the gender roles? Do gender roles exist? Why or why not?
    • Theory:
    • How can theories and research from the field of sociology explain what an ideal society is and assist with developing a healthy society?
    • Comte, Spencer, and Marx held different perspectives regarding society. Which of these perspectives fit an ideal society? Which of them fit a real society? How do they fit?
    • People:
    • How do members within the groups behave? How do they interact with each other? How do the members in minority groups engage with members from the majority? What roles do in-groups, out-groups, and subcultures play?
    • How do people within the society address issues of deviance? Are there consequences for harmful actions?
    • How can people change social positions within the ranking?
    • How do social classes impact how people interact? How do these impact services and goods within the society?
    • How do gender roles impact the daily functioning of the society? If gender roles do not exist, how do groups (families, social groups, communities) divide required tasks?
    • How do members in the society engage with members who are aging?
    • Remember to integrate the course material into the essay for academic support of your statements.
  4. In at least 1,250 words, address the main questions, and include a well-argued introduction and conclusion.
  5. Please include proper formatting throughout the paper. Use APA Style to format the title page, reference page, and citations. Use third-person language, double-spacing, a 12-point font, and one-inch margins. See the Writing Guide for writing help.

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