Essayhelpgurus Money Back Guarantee

Did you know that some writing companies DO NOT offer a precise Money Back Guarantee? BE CAUTIOUS! They fail to adhere to their promise of returning your money back when you are not satisfied with the order. At we mind you and your wishes. Our commitment is to make you FEEL SECURE and proud when placing your order.

Our Essayhelpgurus Money Back Guarantee grants you the right of demanding your money back and refunded no matter the stage of the order if anything goes wrong. This entails any imaginable issue you might encounter and safeguards your interests. Since our company’s first priority is customer satisfaction, we occasionally get refund requests. Whenever we receive these requests our specialists review them and action is taken with immediate effect. The procession for equality based requests can take a 12-day period to ensure maximum review on it. Every other request is dealt with 4-5 days’ work days.

Dear client

I am Mike Edwards, the Head of the Conflict Administration at I have served in this department for five years and settled down various conflicts. I would like to share with you my consequences and give some lessons based on my professional acquaintance.

A multitude of online writing companies promises to satisfy their customers 100%. This is not realistic at all. No one is 100% perfect. It is always difficult to satisfy all of your customers. Even if you provide high-quality service you can’t ever miss a small portion of complaints. I believe you have ever witnessed this, may it be in your school or in your working place etc.

Without fear, I can proudly say that our company provides the highest client satisfaction percentage. This is achieved through 24/7 backbreaking work by our team. We are always dynamic towards meeting our clients’ expectations. Each and every member of our company tries their best to make you feel secure, proud and experience preferably at

As the head of the dispute department, I’m the one who handles the small portion of clients whose expectancy was in some way not reached. I would like to assure you that as long as we are the ones responsible, we will not balk to refund your money. We will not debate refunding your money back. Rectification of the inconvenience caused is also considered. This is through offering a discount code for the subsequent orders.

This is what we would like you to do to curb your orders from conflict;

  1. Kindly place your order together with all the technicalities needed for the completion of your paper, at the same time.
  2. Kindly indicate the due date.
  3. Attach all the relevant files.
  4. Keep in touch with your assigned w Elaborations might be needed.

Cases are reviewed individually by our experts. We assure clear-cut fast and proper dispute verdict. At a conflicted order is a situation that involves the writer and the customer and must be resolved in a fair manner. The concerns of both must be considered accordingly.

Comparison to other writing companies, we do have a clear Essayhelpgurus Money Back Guarantee. We don’t just refund your money back anyhow we have our own method of doing it. It is simple and well understandable. Any technical issue is handled seriously, detailed elaboration is provided with appropriate refund percentage.

Sincerely speaking, solving a dispute is not that easy. Sometimes it is complicated hence it requires a sophisticated method of settling it.

To be honest, the most delightful thing is to receive a customer’s feedback and another order after resolving a dispute.


Best Regards

Mike Edwards

 Head of the Conflict Administration