What was the mark up of the acreage from 1967 until 2013? 

Adam bought 6 dozen balloons and filled them all with air. The air cost him $.25 each balloon to have filled. Then he divided the balloons between 12 children. How much did he spend total on the air for the balloon?

How many balloons did each child get?

In 1948, 5 people had bought 66 acres of land for $124.00 per acre. In 1967, the same acres was sold and bought for $15,787,25 per acre. What was the percentage rate of mark up on the acres from 1967 to 2013?

What would have been the sale price of the acreage in 1967?

What was the mark up of the acreage from 1967 until 2013? 

What was the total amount paid for the acres in 2013?

What is the cost of a typewriter that is 18% off the list price of $375 with sales tax of 5% that must be paid?

A publishing company’s cost for publishing a certain book was $4.85. The selling price of the book was $11.97. Find the percent of profit based on the cost.

Christy and Adam went to Wal-mart to buy a few items. They bought a pack of chicken for $12. 97, a gallon of milk for $4.97, 4 bags of chips for 2 for $5.00, and 10 Sam’s Choice 2 liter dinks for $.67 each. When they got to the register the clerk told them that the chicken was on sale for 30% off the price. How much did they spend in all?

How much did the chicken cost after the 30% off?

How much did they spend on the Sam’s Choice drinks?

How much did they spend on the bags of chips?

What was the average cost of a $100.00

The average July rainfall for Charlestown, South Carolina, is 8.35 inches. The average October rainfall is 3.87 inches. On the average, how many more inches of rain fell in July than in October?

Find the cost at 71/2 per kw-hr:  June 1: 21,416 kw-hr

Sept. 1: 12,725 kw-hr July 1: 23,006 kw-hr

Oct. 1: 13,814 kw hr Electric: _____________

Electric Bill:__________

Nov. 1: 8,316 kw-hr

Dec. 1: 9255 kw-hr

Electric Bill: __________

Mr. Davidson is a meter reader for the electric company. Yesterday he read a meter that used 1,256 kw-hr since the previous reading. On the previous reading, the meter read 5,781 kw-hr. What did the meter read yesterday?

On April 1, Mr. Olson’s meter read 7,329 kw-hr. On May 1, the meter read 8,284 kw-hr. At$.08 per kw-hr, what was his electric for the month of April

When Mr. Brown began his diet he weighted 193 lb. 7 oz. He now weighs 178 lb. 15 oz. How much weight has he lost?

Tim Thompson ran the 3-mile run in 20 min 12 sec. George Harris ran the race in 21 min. 5 sec. How much longer did it take George to run the race than Tim?

Sue Mitchell weighed 8 lb. 13 oz. when she was born. She now weighs 93 lb. 5 oz. How much has she gained since birth, and what has been her average weight gain for each year if she is 13 years old?

Mrs. Davis worked 42 hr. 35 min last week. How many hours and minutes did she average in each of the five days?

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