Privacy Statement has created this privacy statement to illustrate and make clear to its clients of our Privacy Statement. The following shows our information collecting and storing.

Personal Information Collection and Use

Any information you submit during the registration process to us is only used by will be the sole owner of this information, and we will not disseminate, sell or disclose to anyone except in the limited circumstances listed in this policy or the Terms of Service. This information can only be communicated to the third party through the court order, with the exception of online name filled during registration which will be displayed on a new customer’s default web page. This is the only information that is visible to the public, but you can always put anything you like or nothing at all in this specific field. It can be changed at any time. We do not sell any products or service to persons under the age of 18. Again we don’t collect personal information such as contact information.

Law Enforcement Guidelines will retain customer’s access indefinitely for analytics but will eject this upon client request. We store server logs for one month for debugging purposes. We have specific law enforcement for storing but, we require law enforcement authorities for removal. will save this date for up to six months not unless we are requested for a specific retention. If a subsequent warrant is not accessed at that time, the data will be discarded. For the unlawful SPAMS, we store it for more than three years for the safety of our clients. will ONLY share customer’s contact information when processing a credit card but will NEVER sell such information.

System Logs

All the information that our system access is only used for internal purposes but will not be exposed unless ordered through a proper court order. Individuals will be notified of their private information request by the legal laws for access.

Public Forums and Links has public chat rooms for its clients. We kindly remind you that the information you give here becomes public hence can be accessed by anyone. We recommend you exercise caution before displaying your personal information here. is not liable for any information that our clients decide to make available on these platforms. As our customer, you should bear in mind that our Site has links to other Sites. We encourage our customers to read other related websites privacy policies that collect individual’s information. This privacy statement applies only to information collected by Web site.

Information Security takes all the possible precaution to safeguard our customer’s information. Whenever our clients make their sensitive information available, this information is protected using the safest and most secure method available. The confidential information like credit card number is encrypted and secured with the best encryption software in the industry for the web. Transport Layer Security (TLS) currently the most secure cryptographic protocol for web browsers and the successor to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). When on a secure page, such as our credit card payment form, the lock icon should show in the address bar of your web browser. We are liable for cardholder data we store, transmit, process, etc. on behalf of our clients. For us to improve security and reduce risks we don’t save sensitive credit card information, significantly limiting risk and enhancing the safety of your payment card data.

All our clients’ information not only the sensitive data is secured. This information is only accessed by our employees working under the department related to the information operated. Our employees must use a secure shell (SSH) to obtain this information and must also be allowed access from a specific IP address within the office. Moreover, our employees are kept updated on our security privacy custom to avoid security breaches. Critical details and regulations are discussed in staff meetings and email memos. The sensitive information is stored in our particular secure room within the system. For more inquiry about this contact us via

Necessary Submission of Information

 Personally, distinguishable consumer information is shared with Authorize.Net, the credit card processing company we use; to the extent, it is necessary for them to provide payment processing services.

Updating Personal Information

In circumstances of changing or deleting your account, you will be required to contact us through our  page or call (+1) 518 5049230. This process can only be done by the person who opened the account or a person who was assigned to the account by the business. We will ask you more about the account and of which if you fail to verify you will not be able to go about the process. All account contact alteration must be completed by the client using an contact addition form. These forms are available to any of our employees, you can request. This form must be filled entirely, printed on the customer’s business letterhead, and returned to via FAX, postal mail, or sent via secure email address and the digital copy must be in a readable format, i.e., PDF or JPG and emailed to The confirmation email will be sent to you by one of our staff members to verify that the email address is valid. When the client replies to that confirmation email, he or she can be added as a contact.

Notification of Changes

Any time we vary our Privacy Policies; these changes will be posted on the Site. We also sent a notification to you via the email you submitted to us during registration; we do this to make sure that you are aware of how we use the information we collect and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. You are guaranteed that has no any intention of selling or disclosing our customer’s information.


Whenever you have any issue concerning our privacy statement, feel free to contact us anytime through our  page.