Legal Policies

Essayhelpgurus has the right to act and take any action to impose these policies. We also have the right to change these policies any time without notifying you. The steps we might take include termination or deferral. There is no compensation for the accounts canceled due to the violation of any of these policies. We reserve the right to reject service to anyone at any time for any reason.

Essayhelpgurus reserves the right to take all the necessary measures to secure its network and clients against abuse it might be in the form of scanning of open emails, virus filtering, etc. The policy will work to any activity which interferes or touch on the essayhelpgurus account, network, server or user. 

Essayhelpgurus holds the authority to take legal action against anyone who violates our servers or network. Fines may be imposed at $150 per hour and $100 per event to assist cover systems administration related to an occurrence.

Essayhelpgurus holds the authority to discontinue customers that are harassing or abusing our staff or other customers. We are paid to give out a quality service, not be subject to abuse.

All regular customers are expected to read and adhere to essayhelpgurus. Terms and Conditions of the use of our services by an individual, or a company constitute acceptance and agreement to these Terms and Conditions in full.


Essayhelpgurus bills for all services in advance.  Uninterested accounts are terminated seven days after their due date if payment is not made. Invoices are sent through either postal mail or email, depending on customer preference; this can be changed at any time. Essayhelpgurus notifies clients an account is due on three separate occasion;

  1. the day the report is due
  2. with the original invoice (typically seven days before account comes due)
  3. the day before the account will be suspended

Essathelpgurus accepts all forms of payment: cheques, cash and credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover). For the active accounts, a service charge of 1.5-2% per month will be imposed if payment is made 30 days past due date. Customers will have to agree to pay expenses like filing fees, court expenses, and attorney’s fees if they refer their accounts for collections. If committed account clients have any question, they can contact us through Payments by any committed customers’ show full acceptance and agreement of your duty, at invoiced service levels, under the terms and conditions of the

Bounced cheques and credit card payments

All returned cheques or credit card will be assessed with a fee of $10.

Refund/ Account Termination

Any client terminated account is subject to the refund of fee balance due less $15 which is the processing cost. This fee is credited for the first time return back customers. The accounts that have been canceled by the due to the violation of policies are NOT subject to refund fee rather fine fee may apply.

Purged Accounts

Accounts are given 45 days to pay if they fail to comply with this their accounts will be ejected. This means that account information will be purged as well, this information may include emails, Web and other external files saved on essayhelpgurus. does not store records of the purged accounts.


We recommend our customers to safeguard their passwords and not to disclose nor share with anyone. Clients should create unique and memorable passwords and take caution whenever they alter their passwords. We discourage a frequent change of password because it leads to confusion.

Limits for Individual subscribers (Dial-up and DSL)

Essayhelpgurus allows individual subscribers to have ONLY one dial-up or DSL connection per account.

If a customer would like to have many dial-ups or DSL connection, we strongly recommend purchasing extra accounts. We can organize billing so that the payments can be made through the official report. For the indifferent Residential Dial-up statements are meant to be available for unrestricted access. Any subscribers who want to have more than this will have to purchase extra services. With dial-up, this means you cannot keep your connection up for an unspecified period.

Abuse and violation of the rules will lead to one warning, then termination without refund if the problem continues.

Server Services on DSL and Residential UTOPIA

Essayhelpgurus allows DSL and UTOPIA subscribers to run and maintain their servers. Dial-up clients are recommended not to use their connection to connected continuous server services. DSL and Residential UTOPIA is sold and marketed as a best-effort end-user product, and it is non-SLA product unlike our dedicated and colocation services hence we do not guarantee performance for the clients who can run server service on their DSL and Residential UTOPIA lines. We recommend a customer who wants server services on a daily basis to use a dedicated or colocation base we highly recommend the use of a dedicated or colocation account which comes with a 100% Service Level Agreement.

Mail and WWW forwarding options

Subscribers moving to a new Service Provider are advised to continue with their accounts on for an additional of thirty days to facilitate the transfer of information to the new ISP for forwarding purposes. You can pay the amount of duration you want your email and WWW pages forwarded whenever you want your site to be transmitted longer. Subscribers who are transferring their account from essayhelpgurus to another provider outside of USA can have their service sent for not less than three months at no cost. This can only be done in a unique way of contacting us via our Contact Us.

Email Support

Those services that can be performed via email web support should be addressed to the email admin or mailbox end user. Essayhelpgurus has helpful instructions or tutorials to end user. Sensitive services like data migration, password changes, modifications that have the domain-wide impact can only be done upon request by a verified contact on the essayhelpgurus’ account. In some circumstances, reasonable consulting fees may apply.

IP Address Assignment

The IP addresses assigned by essayhelpgurus are not portable to other Internet Service Providers, or networks outside of essayhelpgurus unless communicated otherwise. Addresses are allocated for the client’s subscription to essayhelpgurus. Upon the end of those subscriptions, the addresses can be reassigned to other essayhelpgurus customer’s independently assigned networks through ARIN can be routed by essayhelpgurus upon connection to the essayhelpgurus network and transferred with ease to other ISPs and systems outside of essayhelpgurus.

Appropriate Use of Accounts

Besides the features outlined somewhere else, essayhelpgurus has the rights of using their web space to sell and advertise their products and services. Although, essayhelpgurus has a strict spam policy which prohibits uninvited bulk communications, i.e., email, news and any other way of connections.

Customer Communications

Essayhelpgurus provides an open forum for all of our clients’ interaction. How do we enhance this? We make sure that we report the issue to customers as soon as possible and we also give our customers room for suggesting, inquiring and reporting problems concerning essayhelpgurus product and services.

Shared Web Hosting on essayhelpgurus

Shared Web Hosting also (known as Unlimited Hosting) resources on essayhelpgurus are deliberated to support a multitude of clients and a comprehensive collection of web services. Essayhelpgurus makes any trade reasonable effort to give out the best services possible at low prices as long as the subscribers use services that obeys these terms. It is recommended that every subscriber will use the web coding, storage optimization, database usage and bandwidth transfer that will not impact others negatively on the Shared Hosting Services. The services are structured to suit only host websites for personal and essential business applications. Shared Hosting Services is not deliberated for businesses with large e-commerce websites. Instead, we advise our Cloud Hosting options for most business needs. Essayhelpgurus Shared Hosting Service only provides storage for a reasonable number of backups of the website and the actual website. Breach of any of these terms will lead to cancellation immediately without or with notice. Essayhelpgurus strongly advises our enterprise Cloud Hosting products for businesses that depend on their websites for profit-making intentions.

Customer Data Storage

Not unless stated or requested otherwise, all customer information is stored locally on essayhelpgurus servers in the USA. These data can be stored in one location or different local based data locations.

Parental control and censorship

Essayhelpgurus provides proxy filter created for preteens this helps in restricting children from access to the website which is considered as inappropriate. This can only be authorized after reading our disclaimer carefully. Essayhelpgurus recommends parents to take an active part in their children’s Internet experience. There are many resources to guide parents to enhance this efficiently and appropriately.

Customer Web Site Content

Essayhelpgurus has no responsibility of regulating or monitoring subscriber’s content to our service. Anyone who has got an issue with a web site on our service must FIRST contact that web site’s owner. If no feedback is given, we might then contact the Site owner to make them aware that we have been approached, however, that is the extent of our helpfulness on the matter.

Damaging and Illegal Activity

Any complain or report on internet activity that references back to essayhelpgurus or its services in a detrimental manner will result in cancellation of your account(s). Prohibited internet activities using or referring to essayhelpgurus or an account will lead to immediate closer, possible prosecution and payment of any legal fees equivalent or more than the damages incurred.

Malicious Activities by Essayhelpgurus Subscribers

Essayhelpgurus customers’ shall not practice knowingly; Interfere with network operations, destroy machines within essayhelpgurus or anywhere on the internet, screenshot, duplicate or reproduce any private data or engage in any activities that are termed as illegal or harmful to others. Essayhelpgurus Administrators are capable of determining if any action meets these criteria.

Customers found breaching these policies will have their accounts canceled with immediate effect with or without notice. These cases may also be presented to appropriate law enforcement officials.

Copyright Infringement

Essayhelpgurus does not condone copyright contravened. We do not violate our customer’s policy without notice mad reasonable suspicion of law-breaking. Essayhelpgurus designated agent for notice of any claimed infringement, as provided for under USA DMCA;


Luis Jeff, Vice President of Operations, L.C

202 Lane Pkwy,

Shelbyville, USA

Tel; (+1) 518 5049230


For essayhelpgurus to revisit you claim you need to:

  • Provide your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Identify the material which you claim is infringing
  • Identify the copyrighted work allegedly infringed

Besides, the claim must be signed by an authorized person, and state a good faith belief that the material is infringing, as well as that the information contained in the notice is accurate. In turn, essayhelpgurus will investigate any legitimate complaints and will take remedial measures where required by law.

Essayhelpgurus Spam Policy (i.e., Unsolicited Email/Fax/Pages/News)

To eradicate against spam and keep our mail servers off blacklists, essayhelpgurus does not tolerate at all policy concerning to customers sending uninvited (emails, news, pages, fax) messages. If we receive any complaint that you did post such kind of words automatically your account will be terminated.

Use of essayhelpgurus addresses, services to send unsolicited communication will lead to the next closer of the account and a legal fine of not less than $50 per incident and $100 per hour. Discussion of this sent from other networks but referencing essayhelpgurus services will result in cancellation of accounts.

Essayhelpgurus Spam policy applies to all other forms of bulk communications.

  1. Essayhelpgurus does not regulate the messages send but the clients, we determine the message is uninvited if we receive spam complaints about customer email. If a customer declares that the message is spam we consider so as well. So, we recommend that you only send messages to those customers who have requested your communication.
  2. To be on the saver side away from spam and get rid of complaints, we advise you that anyone who sends bulk email use the “double opt-in” method to confirm recipients indeed want to receive bulk email from you.
  • “Double opt-in means: An individual must ask to be added to your list and then a confirmation message will be sent back to him/her requesting subscription to be confirmed. The individuals who prove this are the only ones who should receive bulk emails from you. This confirmation must use an authentication scheme that prevents recipients from being signed up for lists by anyone other than themselves. Note that most corporations use the double opt-in method.
  1. If we receive complaints about email, the sender of the bulk email must be able to verify that the receiver contacted the sender to request that such messages be obtained in advance of the mass mailing. The best way to do this is by using the double opt-in method.
  2. To verify that customers did request to receive email, essayhelpgurus needs a customer who sends bulk email to maintain a database that entails the following information;
    1. Date and time of the recipient’s request to be added to your list.
    2. IP address that the customer requested from, (if applicable).
  • When the sender of the bulk email requested, must be able to provide these details to both essayhelpgurus and the recipient with the above information within one business day.


  1. All the unsubscribe emails must be produced within business days by the sender of the list. Unsubscribe information should be readable in every message that is sent out.

Software and Software Usage

Essyhelpgurus has the authority of ejecting any malicious or illegal software stored on its system or network.

Essyhelpgurus reserves the right of regulating the operation on our network or/and servers.

Essyhelpgurus allows clients to run, maintain, and create CGI scripts (and other non-dedicated processes) on Essyhelpgurus machines. However, if a customer diverted from the agreed control and consumed resources in such a way as to cause the wear out of esayhelpgurus network or/ and servers the client will be removed by any of our employees. An email will be sent to such customers asking the rectification of the problem before the procession again. Any new code shall be tested during business hours for proper monitoring. Constant failure to run an appropriate system can result in the loss of your CGI and processor privileges. Essayhelpgurus consultation fee may apply to resolve issues with your code if the failure persists.

Software usage may be disallowed for any subscriber installed program for which source code is not available on request for review by Essayhelpgurus technical staff.

Maintenance Policy

Maintenance will be conducted during the verified period. The support will require approval from managers and listed by an admin performing the maintenance on the status on the web page.


The sensitive system refers to core routers/switches, electrical infrastructure, core servers (e.g., mail, web hosting, etc.)

Verified maintenance;

  • For sensitive systems: between midnight 6 am on weekends and Monday mornings
  • For the non-critical systems: apart from working regular working hours ideally between 9 pm to 8 am
  • There is no any maintenance schedule during holidays or any other time where staff members are not available, instead call for assistance during those times 

Guidelines concerning maintenance policies:

  • Maintenance only entails those problematic tasks that affect clients that you cannot rectify by yourself.
  • Maintenance done on a very critical system should be visited by the peers after discussing to reduce further errors.
  • Since maintenance is abroad that comprises all possible situations, we should analyze the kind of the case before we solve it.
  • If a critical service occurs such that the page cannot load it means that it is service impacting.

Client Premise Equipment and Software Usage

You may provide your product or software that is not made available by essayhelpgurus however at your own cost. You take all the responsibilities of installing, obtaining and operating your software or product to make sure that it is compatible with the service and products provided by essayhlpgurus.  You will incur the expenses caused if your equipment or software interfered with your essayhelpgurus’ account. Essayhelpgurus will not be answerable if any alterations in software or hardware or service cause your product or software to malfunction as expected or make it out of date. Any technical service or assistance you request from essayhelpgurus as far as your equipment or software is concerned will be provided with a reasonable fee. Essayhelpgurus has the right of rejecting such kind of service.

Web Hosting Support Policy

Essayhelpgurus will allow clients to access our infrastructure for hosting their website and information to make sure that it operates as advertised. Technical support is provided for free for issues and inquiries specific to make use of essayhelpgurus web hosting products. Essayhelpgurus hosting customers must give ready-made products so that they will not consult essayhelpgurus for any alterations. Essayhelpgurus recommend customers to handle their software and hardware which are compatible with our Site. Customers should employ their consultants to maintain configuration and maintenance their sites however at some point essayhelpgrus may be willing to participate necessary consulting assistance with a reasonable fee hourly.

Upgrading a Dedicated or Collocate Service Account

Clients can upgrade their minimal additional level at any time. Usually, a call to essayhelpgurus during standard working hours allows the customers. Most additional upgrades have no extra increments setup charges once the initial setup fee has been paid. Cancellation fees are based on the highest bandwidth and RMU service levels paid for on the account in the last 100 days.

Collocate Rack Space Modifications and Billing Adjustments

Customers who want to withdraw their equipment or software from essayhelpgurus, they should send a written notice to essayhelpgrus via concerning the change. The clients who will not write a note will have their accounts showing that additional rack space has been used and their accounts will be billed back to the startup stage of the contract term. Your account will not be adjusted accordingly until that time you give out a written notice of the modification. We will confirm and modify your account bill appropriately. Essayhelpgrus charges a minimum $40 RMU fee for any colocation account. Kindly make sure that you communicate of any alterations to avoid frustrations in the future invoices.

Colocation Peripherals

The attached peripherals are only allowed if the binding rules are followed appropriately: Note that it is only at essayhelpgurus’ discretion to permit attached devices.

  • Any attached peripheral must not exceed the 19 widths and a maximum width of 28
  • Peripherals must not extend outside the purchased RMU
  • Peripherals must not limit the access of other customers to the Site
  • Peripherals must only be attached using poor conductor material and NOT use of metals
  • Peripherals must not be connected to essayhelpgurus’ property or hung to the back of the server
  • Each power peripheral is billed standard power costs of $10 p/mo per power source.

Collocate Facility Access Restrictions for Late Payment

Colocation clients with payment due past 30 days or more will not be able to access their accounts. However, they can access their machines during regular working hours but with the presence of essayhelpgurus employee moderating you to your device (s). The account will be in default, but the customer will not be authorized to access. Reactivation will be performed once the bill is settled.

Colocation Power Policy

Every colocation customer is expected to comply with essayhelpgurus’ power policy:

Essayhelpgurus provides the following security cabinet power guidelines:

  • Full Security Cabinet 5880 Watts or 50 Amps consumption @ 120 Volt
  • Half Security Cabinet 3686 Watts or 24 Amps consumption @ 120 Volt
  • Third Security Cabinet 1700 Watts or 18 Amps consumption @ 120 Volt

Essayhelpgurus’ Data Center is equipped with 30 Amp or 40 Amp, 140 V and 238 V electrical power service options. To conform to National Electrical Code for peak power use and safety, maximum power usage is limited to 85% of the dedicated circuit value (i.e., 18 Amps on 24 Amp and 28 Amp on 36 Amp). Essayhelpgurus audits client circuits on a real-time basis to regulate usage and circuit situation.

When more power is required, extra power circuits must be purchased. Requests for additional power may be limited by cooling requirements and capacity as illustrated. In some circumstance, the customer may be required to by an extra footprint or supplemental cooling to meet power needs.

Redundant Power SLA

Essayhelpgurus provides delivery of AC power to Customer Space upon requested by the customer. Redundancy is achieved by installing primary and redundant power circuits to Space which allows for failover if either power circuit fails. The client is liable for making the power connections to their equipment and ensuring the total power draw never exceeds 85% of amperage rating or breaker size as previously stated.

 Donated accounts

A Donated account provides access to most essayhlepgurus services for the dissemination of information regarding the civic group or organization. Given reports are available solely to not profit-making organizations which have confirmed their status through form 501(C)3  from the IRS.

        Terms of Service

Note that; If you have already registered an account but decided not agree to all or any of the following Terms of service and conditions after reading these agreements in full, kindly call us for your account to be cancelled.

         Service Agreement

You (the essayhelpgurus client and user, hereafter collectively referred to like you) agree to use and buy services or Products in agreement with the terms and conditions of this Service and Agreement.

  • com will not in any way regulate over any content of any information passing through it.
  • Stated bandwidth(s) apply only to the router port attachment. No guarantee of end-to-end bandwidth on the Internet is made.
  • You will use services only for lawful purposes. Any transmission or retransmission of services that breach any federal or state laws is prohibited. This extends to include but is not limited to: any copyrighted materials, materials or communications forbidden by trade secret.
  • As a client of and as a user of our services and Products, you (as an individual, and/or representative or officer of a company, and/or company) agree to indemnify and to hold harmless from ANY and ALL claims resulting from the use of the service which causes damage to you or any other party. shall not be liable, either in contract or tort, or for protection from unauthorized access of its customer’s transmission facilities or customer-owned equipment on premises, or for unauthorized access to, alteration, theft or destruction of a customer’s data files, programs, or information through accident, fraudulent means or devices, or any other method, even should such access occur as a result of negligence. shall not be in any way responsible for claims or damages caused by a customer, through fault, neglect or failure to perform customer’s responsibilities, claims against a customer by any other party; any act or omission of any party furnishing services and/or products; or for the installation and/or removal of any and all equipment supplied by any service provider
  • com. Will not be liable for any destruction you are your business suffers. makes no warranties of any kind, implied or expressed, for services we provide. also denies any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. It entails all the inconvenience services such as delay, wrong delivery, no delivery etc. Caused by and its employees by its negligence or your omissions or errors.
  • Any and all information you obtain through data network services (public and or private) is at your own risk.
  • By accessing other networks through, you must comply and respect laws of those networks. This applies to any other system that affiliate with.
  • Rates: If we change the rate, we will notify you 30 days in advance within those days the standard price rate will continue. If you chose not to agree with the change, you would be required to write a notice requesting for termination before ten days are over from the dates of notification of the effective increase.
  • Payment: Installation fees and first and last month’s port charges are required to be paid at the time your services are ordered. Note, These fees are non-refundable. Invoices for subsequent months are billed 30 days in advance. Invoices are settled fully within 40 days after the bill date. After that, your service is subject to interruption. If your service is interrupted for non-payment, there will be a restoration fee (equal to the installation fee of the service type) to be paid in full, and may take up to 30 days to restore service after payment. This policy will be strictly enforced. If you are not able to meet our payment terms, please do not apply for services. You, the client, will pay all sales and use taxes, as well as duties or levies on products and services.
  • In the occurrence of non-payment, we may take possession of any and all software and hardware it has supplied you, agents and employees. In such a case, you will give out full and free access to the hardware and software for this purpose. will retain all payments made hereunder, and recover charges you owe as well as any damages may have sustained due to your default. Title and property rights, including all intellectual property rights to services, is and shall remain with whether or not they are embedded in any programming, software and hardware.
  • You identify and admit that any and all services and products, programming and software used hereunder constitute valuable trade secrets of c. You will use your best efforts to protect and keep confidential any and all programming and software used by you, your employees, and/or agents and shall never make any attempt to copy, examine in any way, alter or re-engineer, tamper with, or otherwise misuse such services, programs, hardware, etc.
  • Cancellation (for Dedicated Accounts only): may cancel and terminate service with 30 days written a notice to you, the customer, for any reason.
  • Your request to cancel the order will only be accepted by submitting a written application to terminate service and made by paragraph 11.
  • To terminate long-term service as an individual or a company you MUST write notice with 50 days. Long-term service is a service extending over three months in length. In circumstances of early termination of long-term services, you will have to pay lump sum money equal six months charges. NO termination charge for upgrade to a higher level service.
  • To terminate month-to-month service, a company or an individual must provide with 30 days written the notice. There is NEVER a termination charge when a customer upgrades to a higher level of service.
  • You MUST provide all necessary arrangements needed to comply with, maintenance, running and installation specifications. Clients will be liable for all expenses of the relocation of service installed by and its vendors and will provide, and its suppliers of communication service and equipment, reasonable access to your premises to perform any acts required by this agreement.
  • Any hardware, software or any equipment not provided by, it is the responsibility of clients to take all risks associated with those services. is not liable for losses incurred due to your access to those services.
  • com always has the right of changing its rates and otherwise modifies these Terms and Conditions by alerting you 30 days earlier. These new changes will replace the previous Terms and Conditions.
  • As an client, you may not sell, assign or transfer your service order without the prior written consent of may at any time sell, assign or transfer this agreement with no notice.
  • com will not be liable for any costs caused by delayed occurrence such as wars, riots etc. we will only try to notify you. In situations where these occurrences continue for more than three months, clients can terminate service for the affected services and products with no further liability.
  • For you to continue accessing our services and products we are subjected to client’s credit-worthiness approval consistently.
  • Any legal action emerging out of failure, malfunction or defects in services or goods shall be raised within 12 months of the occurrence or is regarded as disregard.
  • Governing laws. This agreement shall be governed by the internal laws of the State of USA.
  • All users of the internet must accept and agree with all internet binding laws.
  • If we realize that you have breached any of our Terms and Policies we have the all the rights of terminating your access to our Site.
  • SPAM alleviation: By accepting our terms you grant us the responsibility on your behalf of mitigating spam and take any action legally. SPAM mitigation effort may require the preservation and disclosure of the actual SPAM emails directed to your email address and your email address.
  • All users wishing connectivity on the internet are subject to the acceptable use Policy.
  • Use of services by you as a company and an individual constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in full.