International Performance Management system

****This is a Human Resources and Management Course*****

International Performance Management system

Each student has to submit a 1000 words report outlining the Performance Management plan as adopted by the MNCs for their Expats. Make sure you have included proper text citations and APA style references for all sources in your paper.

****Atleast 5-10 citations – Use Graphs and Statistics

****MNC = Multi National Companies

Your paper should emphasize the following aspects:

·        How do MNCs design and keep a track of ‘performance management’ of their Expat


·        What are the ways in which performance appraisal of an expatriate differs from the parent company employees?

·        How the compensation packages are designed for expatriate workers?

·        Highlight some of the issues related to the appraisal of expatriates.

·        Provide suggestions/recommendations in light of your experience.

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