In this activity, you use Microsoft Project to make preliminary schedule for your course project. Your schedule should include tasks, dependencies, and resources.

Project Schedule

The schedule should:

Have tasks driven by duration (that is, do not enter a start or a stop date, but let Microsoft Project calculate the time required).
Use summary tasks to organize the schedule into project phases. Note that:
Summary tasks do not have duration.
Microsoft Project rolls-up the sub-tasks or “sums” them in the summary task.
Include tasks that start as soon as possible.
Provide adequate detail to describe the project.
Include deliverables for each phase.
Include a review (either technical or executive) for each phase.
End with a milestone.
Include tasks linked to show precedence relationships and dependencies.
Follow these instructions to for this assignment:

Use Microsoft Project to develop your task list and the dependencies.If you do not already have this software on your computer, use the Toolwire Resources in this unit to access your remote desktop.
Refer to the Project Schedule Scoring Guide to learn how the instructor will evaluate your schedule.
Use the Project Schedule Checklist for expert tips and advice on how to make a project schedule.
Submit your schedule in the assignment area.
For your final submission of your Project Plan, you will submit this schedule in Microsoft Project as a separate file

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