If you didn’t ask for these emails, how did they get your email address?

– Subject: Introduction to eBusiness

– Recommended textbook for the assignment: Laudon, K. C. & Traver, C. G. (2013). E-commerce Essentials, 1st Edition. Pearson. ISBN-13: 9780133544985. (CHAPTER 7)

– Read and answer the questions in APA style:

1. How much of the email that arrives in your inbox comes to you with statements that assert that you have “opted in,” “requested this information” or some similar statement when you know that you have not intentionally done that? If you didn’t ask for these emails, how did they get your email address?

Do you click on the link to have your name removed from the mailing list? Or are you concerned that this will just signal to someone that there is indeed a real person using that email address and it will be sold to others for a higher price now that there is proof of a real person on the other end? How do you feel about all of the spam you receive and the people responsible for it?

Do you see the spam as the unfortunate side that must be endured in order for you to enjoy the benefits the Internet provides? Or is spam a flagrant violation of legal and ethical mores that only exists because there’s money to be made with little chance of getting caught?

2. It is distressing to see how many people are willing to use inflammatory, derogatory, and unnecessarily hash statements to the point that the phrase “Internet troll” has been given to describe people with such behaviors. What are your feelings about this behavior, your perception of its impact and consequences, and what action, if any, that should be take to stop such behaviors. Explain your rationale.

3. It has been suggested that the Internet, due to the ease with which misrepresentation and fraud is possible, it not a very child-friendly place. Put yourself in the context of a parent with several primary-education children who want to fully embraced the Internet and participate in as much of the connected experience as they can. Prioritize the concerns you have across the spectrum, starting with buying and selling, privacy and security, and anything else that causes you concern. What strategy, tactic, and solution options do parents have, how would they work, and which would you employ with your children?

4. You’ve been shown how to look for the “https” in your browser’s URL field before entering confidential information into a form, such as credit card numbers and other sensitive things, but things are changing. More and more applications are providing mechanisms for “in-app purchasing” and there is no URL string to examine. Whether you are buying accessories to enhance game experiences or access to a movie or book, custom applications open doors to fraud. Based on what you have learned, what recommendations would to make to application developers to make such transaction less stressful?

5. How do you feel when people reveal to you that they are copying music, movies, games, books, etc. without paying for the items? Since these items can be easily copied or downloaded, does that make it okay? How many people are denied income from such activities? Are wealthy people the only ones impacted? Explain and provide concrete examples from news stories from last 12 months.


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