Identify the main causes of unsustainability over the product’s lifecycle (production, distribution and/or consumption and disposal stages).

6. Identify the main energy and raw material inputs needed to manufacture this product and the stage in the production process each energy and materials component is consumed.


8. By applying the principle of the ‘waste=food model’ or the ‘waste management hierarchy’ provide one recommendation to reduce the volume of waste or pollutants discharged in the production, distribution or consumption of this product.

9. By applying the principle of the cradle to cradle design protocol, suggest one key improvement to the design of this product and explain how your idea will reduce the unsustainability of the product.

10. Identify this organisation’s key stakeholder groups and their specific expectations of the organisation.

11. Describe one major CSR issue which confronts this organisation.

12. Select one stakeholder group and make a recommendation as to how this organisation could improve their social impact on this group of stakeholders.

13. Explain how your recommendation will improve this stakeholder group’s wellbeing.

14. Are you able to change your own consumption of this product to reduce your contribution to the problem and causes of unsustainability? Explain why or why not.

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