Identify high-risk aviation or aerospace activity operations or events (e.g., the use of drones, mock aviation “battles,” hang gliders, competitions, air shows, etc.).

Determine whether exculpatory contracts, exculpatory language in admission/participation tickets or similar techniques arew used to protect the operator against claims for compensation that might otherwise be made in the event of injury to a participant or spectator. If not, provide the reason/citation for why it is not allowed/permitted (i.e., upon what you base your conclusion/position). If so, describe in detail, or provide a copy/image of such a document.

Finally provide your assessment, with justification(s), for whether you believe the selected country’s position, or that in the U.S., is better.

Aerospace activity operationsThe risks which are associated with flying are absolutely different from those risks that areexperienced in daily activities by human beings in the world. To manage…

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