I would like like to ask this assessment, help me to figure out my assessment, I can’t search from this app about this assessment, it appears different assessment , it’s very hard to find out this answer, and I cannot search my school name on this app, it’s weird

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DELLAssessment Resource | BSBCUS402NTERNATIONALCOLLEGE PTYASSESSMENT 1 – STUDENT INFORMATIONThis information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirementsCustomer service is imperative for the success of any service related business. For this task, you areto evaluate the customer service of your company. In doing so, you must develop a checklist to ensurea consistent evaluation across departments and sections. You may want to consider:First impressionsPositive customer service factorsNegative customer service factorsProducts offered vs. customer needs. .EnvironmentProfessionalism of staff and presentation. .Response timesService guaranteesPricing guaranteesProduct qualityDocument presentation standardsYour research may include:Talking to customersQualitative or quantitative researchSeeking feedback from service delivery colleaguesAnalysis of competitive environmentAnalysis of industry and market trendsYou are to then develop a written report that outlines your findings, and makes suggestions forimprovement. These suggestions should discuss the rationale behind your opinions, along with detailson how each suggestion could be implemented.It is important to note that your assessor will be looking to ensure you were thorough in your review.Don’t even think of saying the service is perfect – everything can be improved!You must also submit your completed checklists with your reportEvidence RequirementsYou are to submit your written report by the due date.This project is due for submission on:Version Date: Febuarary 2016BSB40515 Cert IV Business AdmininstartionPage 7 of 31

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