I need help creating a market analysis given to complete a cost-gain analysis, for a new product called All-Air. Given the following information

Parents are searching for ways to entertain their kids while letting them burn off energy. Teenagers often complain about the lack of entertainment in the area. The local area does not offer any type of activity center for kids.

Your company’s marketing plan includes two goals, one of which is to expand into a new area within the next three years. The corresponding strategy to accomplish the goal is to procure a lease for 15-years at a total cost of no more than $360,000.

Costs per month are estimated below:

Estimated income per jumpers: $4,300

Estimated income for snack bar: $3,200

After researching locations, the best option was found to cost $2,100.

Staffing is estimated to be $3,000.

Utilities are estimated around $2,500.

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