How has your identification of unwanted consequences from your Improve phase informed your understanding of what you need to control?

WCM 610 7-1 Discussion: Control Phase, Part One—Mitigating Unwanted Consequences

First, read Chapter 9 in The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook. Additionally, review the CONTROL Supplementary Document. In your initial post, address the following:

In what way might you need to dig more deeply into implementing specific Control elements for particular unwanted consequences?
What are your thoughts on how the other phases of DMAIC help you understand what specific unwanted consequences you may need to control?
How will you apply your understanding of Control to your organization’s specific conflict or to the Garden Depot case study?
In responding to your peers, reflect upon your own learning about Control, and offer constructive criticism that you feel would benefit your peers as though you were a coach or a mentor. Provide details or examples from your professional experience, where possible. Be sure to reflect carefully on your peers’ thinking regarding Control and the relationship of the Control phase of DMAIC with the entire DMAIC process.Use specific examples from your own organizational conflict or the Garden Depot case study in your initial post and in your responses to other students’ posts.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


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