How culture impacts relations in businessDiscuss the stages in the negotiation process and how culturally based value systemsinfluence these stages

Russia & China negotiators often open up with the extreme positions. Swedish people on the contrary have often been prepared towards starting with what they would achieve. Negotiators from East have been quite different. They have been much more focus on whole view at very end apart from making the incremental decisions. Americans may take the contracts quite seriously however that has not been a case with Russians. Japanese on the contrary may consider a contract the insult as its relationship as well as also businesses has been dependent on the social trust.

Hi Elsie – Good start on your “Main Post”. I agree that “Relationship Building” is important, but how would you go about “getting to know one’s contacts in a host country and building mutual trust”? Also, as a stage in the “Negotiation Process”, relationship building is number two right after “Preparation” and right before “Exchanging Task-Related Information”. What does this indicate in the scheme of things? Please share.

Professor O’Bryant

.The five interrelated phases in the…

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