How are cultural definitions of masculinity maintained and/or reproduced in television texts of professional football produced by MNF?”

The relationship between sport and the media has produced and reproduced particular ideologies of American culture. These ideologies include the athletic body, gender order, and hegemonic masculinity, among others. Trujillo’s research study, “Machines, Missiles, and Men”, focuses on one of the most pertinent sports for identifying the reproduction of hegemonic masculinity with the media’s influence – American football. His inquiry asked, ” Three interrelated categories of images of the male athletic body were developed from the research and include:

The Body as a Tool: Football at Work
The Body as Weapon: Football as War
The Body as Object of Gaze: Football as Pleasure
As you read Trujillo’s research, you probably “drifted off”, like I did, by thoughts of how this model of “The Body as Tool, Weapon, and Object of Gaze” could be applied to other sports.

Well, this is your chance to do that very thing…

Apply Trujillo’s model of “The Body as Tool, Weapon, and Object of Gaze” to a specific sporting event that you are able to watch on television or the Internet this week.

Observe, analyze, and document the language used by the media/sportscasters to describe the athletes in the competition (male or female or both).

Additionally, focus on the technology or visual images presenting the athletic body to you and other viewers.

You do not need to provide your own analysis of the sporting event – your goal is to provide the detailed examples from the analysis of the sporting event that the sportscasters offer that match all 3 components of Trujillo’s Model.

Remember to cite all your references both within and at the conclusion of your document.

You may need to make some adaptations to the “model”, but follow Trujillo’s direction as best you can for your sport of choice.

The artistic piece on the right is not part of the assignment but rather just an interesting interpretation of the human body as it relates to sport.

Reminder from Week 1: For this “Application” assignment and the others that follow in this course, you be asked to apply something we have read in the course to your own work environment utilizing your own management and leadership styles. The focus is on using what we are learning about contemporary issues in the sociology of sport to assist you in your day-to-day involvement in sport management. Therefore, we will often be problem-solving textbook examples or your own real world experiences based on your readings and our discussions.

Also this is for my sports management class so can you keep it sports related.

Also here is a link to the book

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