Hi, I want Help for answer this Discussion Board for course leadership Eithic for managers

Hi, I want Help for answer this Discussion Board for course leadership Eithic for managers

Taking into account that the quotation of internet. Not more than 50% . If the ratio is greater than mentioned, it will be rejected.Writing all the references at the end page.   I want 1 page it is good.

Discussion Board Leader Traits, Power, and CorruptionDescription: The role of individual differences and traits in leadershipThe difference between past and current approaches to leadership traitsIdentify the impact of values on leadershipThe link between emotional intelligence and leadershipThe role of the Big Five and other personality traits in leadershipCross-cultural differences in individual difference characteristicsPower and its impact on leadershipCross-cultural differences in the definitions and use of powerIndividual and organizational sources of power and describe consequences for followers and organizationsThe role of power in the leadership and effectiveness of teamsPower sources available to top executivesSources of power corruption and ways to prevent its occurrenceChanges in the use of power and their consequences

Leadership is usually seen as an imperative variable influencing hierarchical execution. Thevast majority of the examination on authority has been in revenue driven associations. Whileresearch on…

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