GAAP and IFRS address accounting processes from different perspectives. You will pick a topic where they do not agree and discuss the issue (this is a compare/contrast paper).

Paper #1 (2-3 page paper)


You may use one of the conference topics or you may use a totally different topic. It is recommended that your paper include research for the most current information. Many large accounting firms have extensive analyses on GAAP/IFRS issues on their websites

Paper #2 (2-3 page paper)

FASB Project:

The FASB has several ongoing projects that involve the review of standards and which may result in updates and/or revisions of financial accounting standards. You will select an ongoing FASB project after visiting the Technical Plan and Project Updates sections of the FASB Web site. In a paper, you will describe the project, its history (briefly), and the project’s status. The final section of your paper will describe the implications of the project’s adoption. For example, a paper might discuss a project that would result in accelerating the recognition of certain expenses and require additional disclosures.

All deliverables in our class should be single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs, written in your own words.

Submit only your work in our class – do not risk policy violations

Please be aware of the UMUC policy It is important that all submissions in our class be completed by you, in your own words. Do not risk the fact or appearance of academic dishonesty.


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