From your research, include what you have learned about the particular industry you are in or want to enter.

Markets (by region and by product)
Set a geographical boundary that you will draw customers from.

Define the target market for each product.

Research who else the same or similar products or services you defined above in Products. What is their market and pricing structure? Keep in mind that everyone has competition even if it’s not in the same business as everyone is competing over the same dollar (ex. you might have the only bowling alley in the area, but the same dollars customers could be spending on your business, they could also be spending at a movie theater or other entertainment venue).

Key Purchase Criteria
What are the reasons a new customer would come to your business?

III. Objectives and Strategies
Target Market
Define the demographics of your typical customer such as age, income bracket, ethnic background, entertainment preferences, etc. Keep in mind that your target market is never “everyone.”

Prospect Identification
What are your ideas on how you will find customers to come to your business?

Promotional Programs
Social media
Public relations
Direct Mail
How would you use these vehicles to find and to entice a potential customer to come to your business? Come up with other ideas.

IV. Sales Plan
How will you or your employees be compensated?

V. Organization
What type of entity structure and how do you see the company organizational chart developing?

VI. Financial (Cash flow statement):


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