From an operations management perspective, why is contingency management so important within a healthcare setting?


There are tUsing the questions below, and scholarly articles as a guide, discuss an emergency preparedness or contingency plan for a general medical facility

What metrics might be used to examine readiness or resilience? Why do you feel those metrics are important?
How might you, as a healthcare administrator, use such information to gauge your organization’s readiness or preparedness for crisis?
Please cite with peer-reviewed articles no older than 2015 if at all possible, this is not necessary if unable to do so.

Thank youhree written assignments in the course, in which you will use the same organization to analyze the culture and make recommendations. Therefore, it is essential you start to think now about your company selection.

Consider selecting a company you work for, a company a family member or friend works for, or a civic organization. To ensure your selection sets you up for success in all three assignments, be sure to review the COURSE ASSIGNMENTS (PDF), and ensure that your selected company:

is one you are familiar and can draw on internal processes the public (outsider) is unaware,
has true issues that need to be resolved, and
allows for realistic and enforceable solutions for the organization to be successful.
When you are ready to begin this assignment, select begin at the bottom of the page and use the provided textbox to address the following:

Identify the company that you want to research for the three written assignments in the course.
Describe the organizational issue in your chosen company.
Explain why the issue hinders organizational efficiency.

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