Embracing compassion and feeling joy for others Discusion

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irst, read this article on Feeling Joy for Others. It also discusses a podcast. I encourage you to check it out.

Then, think about the following: what did you learn from it and why?; what are the key takeaways that you can incorporate into your daily life? In your professional life? And, how would you communicate the importance of caring for others with family and friends?


Next, view Jon Kabat-Zinn’s thoughts on Compassion and Mindfulness. What are your thoughts?

Then, read this article on the link between Mindfulness and being Compassionate. What does the research say about this relationship? Do you agree? Why or why not?


Now, it’s your turn to assess your own level of self-compassion. Self-compassion is extending compassion to one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering. Chen (2018) describes how to give yourself a break, the power of self-compassion in a recent Harvard Business Review article.

Based on your understanding of the concept and Chen’s (2018) article on self-compassion, consider the following:

  • How do you respond to a friend when they are struggling? What do you say? What do you do? What is your tone?
  • How do you treat yourself when you are struggling? What do you say? What do you do? What is your tone?

Be prepared to reflect on the differences.


Merge your responses from Steps 1, 2 and 3 into 2-3 page essay and upload it here!


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