Do they adequately describe what they are looking for?

One of the key elements to good funeral home management is having an adequate and competent staff. Achieving this is not always an easy task. It’s not just about finding the right candidate but it’s also about being able to publicize what are your funeral home needs, what qualifications are desired for an applying candidate, and what the candidate can expect when working with your firm, ie. pay, incentive, benefits, hours, position, working duties etc..

I would like for each of you to take a look at the web for potential Job posting for working in a funeral home.Please select 3 postings and answer these questions about them:

1. What kind of postings are you seeing, ie. Positions available?

2. Do they adequately describe what they are looking for?

3. What kind of questions would you have for this potential employer if you were looking to apply for this position? what about this post made you have these questions?

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