Discuss the different definitions and meanings of a culture.

Answer the following questions: (100-150 words)

Explain how culture affects negotiation dynamics

Explain how international and cross-cultural negotiations are different from domestic or same-culture negotiations.

Discuss the implications of globalization and technology on negotiations.

Discuss some challenges and solutions in international negotiations.

Explain the 10 best practices that all negotiators can follow to achieve a successful negotiation.

Unless we are directly involved in international negotiations, we may not consider ourselves by affected by it. However, many of us are aware of trade negotiations between the U.S. and other countries which result in changes in tariffs that in turn change how much money we pay for consumer goods. The United Nations is an organization in which most countries are members and they transact negotiations on how the global neighborhood interacts and reacts to events that effect its members. How else do international negotiations affect us in our every day lives?

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