Develop a plan for how and when the variables will be measured and how the data generated will be used to evaluate the outcomes (goals).


Step 5: Provide a description of the program evaluation plan. Identify at least 2 variables that can be operationalized and measured to determine if intended outcomes are achieved. The variables need to flow logically from the target population, the issue being addressed (addiction or relationship satisfaction), the program outputs, and the intended outcomes. Develop a plan for how and when the variables will be measured and how the data generated will be used to evaluate the outcomes (goals). At least 1 of the variables needs to be measured using a formal instrument. Include a brief description of the instrument along with data on its reliability and validity. This step must be presented in narrative format.

The paper must be written in current APA format with a title page, narrative for Step 3, the Logic Model, the narrative for Step 5, and a references page. Feel free to paste the provided template into the document. This assignment will be submitted through SafeAssign.

COUC 515

Logic Model Template

· Resources – required in order for the program to operate

· Planned Activities – strategic actions, services, publications

· Outputs – descriptive measures of what given activities create (relate activities to outputs with additional arrows)

· Outcomes (reflect intended results) – observable changes


(Include “S” for short, “M” for medium, and “L” for long term outputs):

Outputs: Participants

Outputs: Activities


Needed Resources:

Substance abuse recovery

Eating disorder recovery

Co-occurring disorder recovery

Residential Program

Non-residential program

Hospitalization program

Family Program

Christian program

Spiritual Program







Program materials

Grant Funding






Controlled environment


Stability /structure

Healthy lifestyle

Christian/spiritual lifestyle

Strengthen core aspects of self

Create new habits

If these resources are attained then these activities may be planned

M=Support groups

M=Medical support

M=Inspirational support

L=Healthy living habits

L=Connections with self, family, God, and spirituality

L=Free from addiction

L=Heal mind, body, and spirit


If these outputs are attained then these outcomes may be achieved

If these activities are planned then these outputs may be achieved




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