Define Characteristics ERM implementation. 

Create a bullet point outline of an analytical essay. A minimum of 2.5-3pages



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Include a completed cover page (Not included in the page count)

An introductory paragraph


Bullet and sub-bullet points for all discussions listed below……

· Define ERM

· Explain how this process can benefit business stakeholders.

· Describe ERM concepts and processes.

· Identify and evaluate the organizational environment with the insurance industry in Germany. Highlight each feature as it relates to corporate governance, line management, and portfolio management.

· Define ART (Alternative Risk Management)

· Assess the current role of data and technology in strategy development.

· Demonstrate the linkages between risk analytics and stakeholders.

· Differentiate between risk management applications and business applications.

· Evaluate the use of ERM across the oil industry and in various related sectors. Use historical and current information to predict future trends. Identify best practices used in oil companies.

Include the following topics with associated peer-reviewed citations:

· Define Characteristics ERM implementation.

· Explain the logic and process of working with various ERM models.

· Appraise the practices and role of a corporate Board of Directors.

· Justify best practices associated with risk assessment.

· Differentiate between traditional and dashboard reporting and apply principles to scenarios

· Explain the connection between dashboard utility and decision-making.

· Summarize the common mistakes that occur with dashboard implementation.

And a reference list in APA format. You must have at least eight (8) references.


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