critically explore the variety of ways triangulation is used in mixed methods research and the range of issues and controversies surrounding triangulation praxis


Drawing on your module textbook and the 2012 Special Edition of Journal of Mixed Methods Research (JMMR) on Triangulation in Mixed Methods Research;

i need APA style and harvard refrencing and all the information should be from google scholars only (very important)

u can write soomefrom this link as well


Introduction: Say what you are going to discuss and introduce the assignment objectives/ question

Aims Develop an understanding of business and management research in terms of: :

the nature and purposes of research in management • key methodological issues of making a research proposal and design • research philosophies and research strategies • data collection and analysis skills • strengths and limitations of data gathered through various methods • what is involved in doing research and successfully completing a research project in management.

What is a research question? • What are aims? • What are objectives?

primary research, seconary research

Main body: Start off with defining the key terms; e.g. mixed methods, triangulation Introduce and define the different methods using diagrams, theory and examples.

Difference between quantitative and qualitative research – Data collection – interviews, , observations, top articles he uploaded in the website rated 4 or 5start need to read and can give references few etc

mixed both quality&quantity – triangle nation methodology & methods

Critically identify and explore the range of issues and controversies surrounding triangulation

Conclude the assignment: Summarise what has been said and how you’ve met the objectives/ assignment question.



harvard refrencing

Research paradigms 1. Research philosophy 2. Positivism and interpretivism 3. Comparing paradigms

References Appendices


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