Create a PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 10 slides) on how to overcome communication barriers—verbal and nonverbal

Unit II PowerPoint Presentation

Self-esteem in the work environment is crucial to the overall success of everyday business operations and functions for the employee and employer; therefore, it is important to identify healthy self-esteem development and how to overcome communication barriers.

(identify and explain with supported data and illustrations). You must use at least two sources with one being the textbook. Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide with proper APA formatting. The cover and reference slides do not count toward the total slide requirement. Also, use the speaker notes function to explain the content in detail for each of the slides.

Note: Keep in mind the 6×6 PowerPoint rule: slides should only include six to seven lines of content with no more than six to seven words per line. Also, illustrations should relate to the content being discussed—be creative.

Refer to the following tutorial from the Success Center on developing good PowerPoint presentations:

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

This Unit covers Chapters 3, 4, & 5 in the textbook on “Building Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence, Interpersonal Communications, & Interpersonal Skills for the Digital World”. There is a PowerPoint presentation paper due and a Journal entry that centers on self-esteem and ways to improve it in the workplace. The PowerPoint presentation is on communications flow and barriers that get in the way of quality communications. Keep in mind that just providing slides with bullets and data doesn’t demonstrate that the student actually understands the information in the bullets so approach this assignment from the perspective that you and I are in the classroom alone and you are doing this presentation for me knowing that I have zero knowledge of the topics addressed on the slides. Read the syllabus instructions carefully and be sure to comply with all the requirements. Keep in mind that originality, presentation, graphics, and quality will be part of the grade along with your speaker notes. This unit is a good next step from what was covered in unit one because interacting with employees and interpersonal skills require high self-esteem and confidence as well as good communications flow that are the focus of this unit. In Unit three we will focus on developing quality teams and decision-making skills all of which are tied to what was covered in the first two units.

Let me know if you have a question.

DuBrin, A. J. (2015). Human relations: Interpersonal job-oriented skills (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.


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