COMPLETE TRAINING OUTLINE and it will be presented in the form of a PowerPoint or PREZI presentation (your choice of which format).

There is no length requirement for this final project; it simply must contain all the criteria points listed below. It is suggested you include at least one slide per criteria point, but you may use more if needed.

You MUST UTILIZE THE “NOTES SECTION” at the bottom of each Powerpoint slide to expand upon your ideas in each slide, providing more detail and explanation. (or a separate Word document if using a PREZI). Please be sure your presentation is engaging by using appropriate images, graphics, colors, font sizes, and backgrounds.

Step 1: Choose a hospitality company/organization (hotel, restaurant, bar, travel agency, meeting planning organization, airline, casino, etc.)

Step 2: Choose ONE position within that company/organization that you will develop a training program for (ex: front desk clerks, bartenders, servers, hotel sales representatives, housekeepers, flight attendants, travel agent, meeting planners, etc..). Note: You will be creating a GROUP training session and you will be training 5 new employees (a variety of ages, 18-45 years old) in the position you choose. NOTE: You may NOT use a company or position you’ve used in a previous assignment.

Step 3: Present your detailed training program in a DYNAMIC* Power Point (at least one slide should be dedicated to each of the 7 criteria points listed below) plus one introduction slide with the name of your chosen company and the position you will be training for and one reference slide where you cite all your sources. *Dynamic, meaning that it should be engaging and informative and should include images or graphics relative to slide content. Slides should include key points only and notes section should be used to elaborate on those key points.

7 Project Criteria Points:

1. Provide the reasons why training is necessary

2. responsibility/task list and job description relative the position you chose to train

3. Determine AND describe your GOALS for the training: Incorporate the levels of learning you expect to achieve by the end of the training

4. Describe the best room set up for your specific training and give examples of at least one specific ice breaker activity you might use and what types of support media/materials you will be using for the training session(s) and explain why those specific materials will be the most effective You can use a separate slide for each of these criteria points.

5. Describe HOW will you evaluate if learning took place during your training session(s) and explain why you chose those evaluation method (this part can be in notes section of the slide)

6 Incorporate at least two employee training techniques

7. Lastly, to assist in the success of the new employee, suggest at least one possible mentoring activity the new employee could become involved in.


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