Is the company growing? Are there any other locations?

Identify 3 specific prospects for the product you chose to sell in the “Accept a Position” Discussion. Include the name of the company you chose to work for, the product you are selling, and describe why the company’s position appealed to you.

A specific prospect is an actual company and not a general category. Please review the list of common places to find prospects in this week’s lecture. Please use at least 3 of the different ways on the list to create your list of prospects. For each prospect, identify where you found the prospect.

For one prospect on your list, respond to the following pre-call questions (remember you are answering these questions about your prospect and not the company you selected):

  • Why do you think this prospect has potential to buy your product?
  • What is a purpose of the company
  • Is the company growing? Are there any other locations?
  • What type of problems can your product/service solve for the company?
  • What is the name and position of the person you hope to contact for an appointment?

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