Choose a Company (Existing or fictitious).

• Choose a home & host country.

• Introduce your Company (one pg).

• Research & discuss Human Resources issues presented in opening a facility in host country. • Evaluate pros/cons of expanding your business through Environmental scanning (external factors i.e….political/economic/cultural/logistic/geographic/legal/labor pool/etc.) & S.W.O.T. (internal factors).

• Analyze potential risk(s) vs. benefit(s) of expanding Company into host Country.

• Discuss which type(s) of staffing/recruiting/training strategies you recommend dependent on nature of business & host nation you choose. Where are you going to find your employees? Will you include a diversity plan to encourage female and minority candidates? Explain.

• Conclude with a decisive position on whether or not to expand with brief summary. (One Page).

Suggested overall length: seven-ten pages

*cite Authors’ works accordingly. *

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